Frequently Asked Questions

Get help and answers to your questions regarding anything related to our vpn server setup and best practices to stay safe online, unblock websites and services, and browse the web anonymously.

According to wikipedia, a V.P.N (Virtual Private Network) server acts an extended network across a public network. It enhances your internet connection activity because it adds the benefit of end-to-end encryption by hiding your real IP address so no one can ever learn your real location and you can enjoy a secure connection that is virtually unbreakable.

There are many reasons to use a VPN server, First, it secures your internet connection on non-secure networks such as the airport or coffee shop. Second, it encrypts all your traffic so no one will ever be able to find out your browsing habits or passwords. Third, you become anonymous online and your real identity is never revealed. Fourth you can bypass any restrictions or censorship on the internet safely.

Your ISP will never be able to tell what you are doing while connected to the VPN, that is because all connection transmissions are encrypted via strong encryption (AES, SSL) standards relied on by major corporations throughout the world. It is virtually unbreakable and your ISP will only know how much bandwidth you are using, but never learn or make sense of any of your traffic.

PPTP (point to point tunneling) vpn should only be used if you want a quick way to unblock a website, such as youtube or google, however for the best protection possible, it is recommended to use OpenVPN as it is a much newer protocol that uses the best encryption methods known to date that would take the best super computers in the world millions of years to crack. Therefor if you are accessing any sensitive data, it is recommended to use OpenVPN.

Since PPTP vpn type has been around as long as Windows has been around, it is supported on every windows system, gaming device (xbox,ps3) and mobile phones (windows and android) out of the box and is generally very easy to setup. But for the best security do take the time to setup OpenVPN as due to recent advancements in technology, OpenVPN is being developed and supported on PC/Mobile(Android) and Linux

OpenVPN works by creating a virtual network interface to be used on top of your physical one, this means that you must run OpenVPN as Administrator to give it the proper privleges to be able to configure your virtual network interface.

Your DNS is leaking, that is because windows is still using your DNS settings from your ISP, make sure your DNS is not leaking by visiting whilst connected to the VPN, and click on “Check For DNS Leaks Now”. Make sure your real IP address and none of your ISP’s nameservers are showing up.