Why use a VPN?

A VPN is a modern networking technology that creates a highly secure network between a computer and a public network like the internet. A VPN is also a networking technology utilized by individuals and businesses to help extend a private network by creating a secure network connection between it and a public network like the internet. In full, it is known as a virtual private network.

How is the virtual private network beneficial in everyday use?

Encryption is a process that involves the encoding and decoding of data so that when it is transmitted, anyone trying to eavesdrop cannot be able to make meaning of the message. Any individual’s data is private and should remain so. When shopping on ecommerce websites one provides sensitive data and information such as credit card number, username and passwords among others. Without a virtual private network, sensitive data and information will be easily available to many users on the internet.

Transmission of data over an unsecured network provides an easy access for hackers and government agencies to be able to capture and read. With a virtual private network, the encryption of data between one network and another prevents hackers from changing it. This ensures that your data and information integrity is maintained.

A virtual private network utilizes tunneling which is a process of encasing a packet of data within another one when transmitting data between networks. This is useful especially when a user wants to hide his or her identity especially when one wants to download torrents safely. For users who access the internet in public places such as coffee shops and airport lounges, a virtual private network provides a secure surfing in public areas.

A virtual private network achieves data flow confidentiality through use of different encryption protocols such as aes 128, IPsec, PPTP and L2TP among others.