VPN service

The New Way to Anonymize

“Browse the internet, and don’t let the internet browse you”.
It is no secret, governments are becoming more oppressive, clamping down on ISPs and mandating legislations to force them to spy on their users. freevpn.me is here to help, by creating a free vpn service utilizing the strongest encryption standards known in the industry creating a very secure tunnel between you and the internet, keeping your browsing activity completely safe & anonymous.

Who We Are

We are a group of privacy minded individuals, strong supporters of net-neutrality and avid believers in privacy in the digital space. We are a donor and advertising supported service filling the need for free and accessible VPN services for private internet browsing and identity protection at home, work, school or the coffee shop. Every one should be concerned about privacy online, the more that people learn about how their personal data is being stored and shared by companies, the more VPN anonymization services become a neccesity

Our VPN service keeps users activity hidden from being snooped on, so they are not tagged or labeled as dangerous, or suspicious users. For example, downloading a torrent legally should not enlist you in some blacklist as an “illegal file-sharer”. Alternatively, visiting a website to learn more about a certain topic, should not include you in some secret blacklist forever. Knowledge is key!, the more users are aware of their privacy, the more safe and secure their online communications will be against collection and dissemination by any third parties.